Piano Moving California

If you are planning to move your piano, then you must hire professional piano movers like Clover Moving and storage. It is a well-known fact that the Pianos are very sensitive pieces of equipment. Thus, if you are moving the piano without any help of movers, it can be damaged. On the other hand, if you take help from us, then you can rest assured about safety as we have a good experience.

Our piano moving services are highly appreciated by our valuable customers for delivery on time in California. Our team works with dedication to provide the services according to our client's particular choices and demands.

What can you expect from our piano moving services?

  • Custom dollies
  • The Professional wrapping materials and furniture moving quilts
  • Trained, Experienced staff with the correct piano moving tool
  • Piano Bodyboards and boards
  • Replacement Cost Protection

Why should you avoid Amateur Moving Company?

We provide professional piano moving services in California. The piano is a valuable investment and it has to be treated with the best care. While moving a piano, you should hire the professional company as it is very sensitive equipment. An unprofessional moving can damage your piano. We request not handled by your own as it is also too risky.

Why choose us?

Clover moving and storage offers a professional service whether you are moving across the town or across the country. We minimize the risk of damage. We have a specially trained team for moving the full range of pianos like the grand piano, upright piano, player pianos, baby grand pianos, etc. Moving pianos from one place to another is a core part of our service. We have been doing this for many years.

Our piano movers are skilled at handling and packing. They have been trained for loading heavy pianos and other fragile objects. We make this challenging task of moving piano an easy process for the customer.

What is our strength?

  • We take care of every string, key, pedals and each and every tiny part of your piano.
  • We do proper packing with Thermo cool, cardboard, bubble wrap and blanket. We do pack in such a way that the piano is protected from any damage and from scratch. We have a different professional team for packing who know how to pack this complex instrument.
  • We have special equipment for moving the piano like a piano board, moving straps and special electronic device.
  • We not only transport but also give after service like transporting it to the desired level in the designated room.
  • Apart from having a good setup, we charge a flexible price from our customer.

Pricing policy is flexible and customized based. We personally understand the need of our valuable customer. Our team personally checks the measurements of the staircase, lifts, elevator, doorways, apartment level, etc to give protected transport service.

While transferring your piano to destination room, our team fully takes care of the wall, flooring, and twist and turns to deliver it damage free and scratch free.