5 Important Thing Of Hiring Professional Movers When Moving A Piano

Posted On  10-Apr-2018
Piano Movers

Moving to a new house? Are you thinking how to move your piano? Evaluating the options of doing it yourself or with the help of professional movers? 

You are an ardent music lover and find pianos mesmerizing. With great diligence, you bought a piano and it’s precious to you than diamonds.

Pianos are delicate pieces of art and you would not want to have a single scratch on them on the move. In the first Instance relocating the piano yourself may seem easy but undoubtedly it requires a lot of precision.

It requires significant labour strength and packaging materials to pack and load the piano into a transport vehicle. Piano Movers are an experienced bunch of professional people who follow their tried tested techniques to move a piano. Piano moving California companies are skilled enough to move your piano delicately and with great care.

Hence, to move a piano safely, let us have a look at the checklist in detail:

  1. Licensed piano movers: It is important for a piano moving company to have a license issued by Department of Transportation. Each state in the USA has distinct requirements for granting licenses and regulations. Before employing a moving company, its license number, user reviews, complaint history, etc should be thoroughly checked. Your piano is a big asset and is one of the items which needs utter attention. Therefore, the piano moving company has to provide insurance and liability coverage for the same. During the relocation, if any mishap happens, your piano damages should be covered by them. The interstate movers are entitled to two types of coverage namely Released Value Protection, and Full Value Protection.

In Released value Protection, the protection provided is very minimal with no additional cost, whereas in full value Protection coverage, the entire value of the shipment is replaced in case of lost or damaged goods. 

Before employing the company, do check all the documents of their license and insurance policy.

  1. The Team in Assistance: Depending upon the size of the piano, labor is required for the packing and movement. Packing the piano not only involves just packing it and covering it well but also needs to focus on few more things. The doorways, staircases, and hallways should be measured well in prior to the movement. The piano moving company should provide skillful staff that can gauge the same and plans the movement accordingly. Ensure the workers have experience of moving bulky items and are wearing suitable clothes and shoes which supports the moving activity. Shoes with good traction, gloves for efficient grip, and clothes which don’t easily get caught are ideal for piano moving. If required, call your friends, family members, or relatives to lend the extra helping hand for the movement. Make a note of that the professional movers allot specific tasks and who is responsible for what. The movers’ team should have a good communication system among themselves, either hand signals or vocal is required to maintain synchronization during the movement process.


  1. Packing Supplies and Materials: A professional piano moving company should be the one which understands that your piano is the delicate asset and needs proper packing. To move the piano securely, it should be packed well so as to ease the comfort of lifting and moving. Even a small scratch on the valuable music instrument can be disheartening. The company should provide good quality packing material and the team should be well trained to pack it perfectly with the provided supplies. The piano needs to be covered with towels and blankets, and wrapped with multiple tape rolls. The piano legs should be secured to avoid damage from doorways and sharp edges. The legs can be detached and packed separately too. The keys also need protecting covering to ensure the wood does not get damaged. Hence, suitable materials should be available with the professional movers.


  1. Right Equipment: Make sure that the piano moving company has all the equipment to accomplish the relocation. To avoid bumps or cracks, all its parts require being kept in proper position. Moving Dolly and moving cart should be employed for the movement. Metal ramps and moving pads should be used to carry the piano through stairs while loading and unloading it in a truck. Post loading onto the truck, the piano should be secured with furniture straps. The company should use heavy-duty straps, locking belts, etc. A piano can weigh up to 100 pounds or even more. Right tools and relevant knowledge is needed to avoid injuries and damages. The movers should properly inspect the relocation route to take note of the obstacles, rocky roads, the time is taken to reach the destination, and note down the safety hazards.


  1. Analyze the expenditure: Before deciding to hire professional movers to move the piano, make an estimate of the total expenses that would be involved in the process. Searching the movers based on a decided budget becomes simpler. Expenses can vary based on factors like the number of movers required; equipment needs based on the piano make and model, size and weight of the piano, and distance of the movement. Several piano moving companies calculate the cost either on an hourly rate or fixed rate, Rates can also vary based on the difficult of path and space availability at the pickup and drop locations. Some companies also charge extra to set up the piano at the new location post unloading.

Piano movement is a strenuous task. Hiring a professional piano moving California company assists the piano owner to relax and get the movement steadily done. 

In the planning stage, an individual should take a note of a few more things such as how long will the relocation take, whether the driver can be contacted during the transit, about the cancellation policies, whether the movement is subcontracted, etc. 

Professional movers are trained and do not stress the piano owner. Therefore, contact the professional movers, check their recommendations and request for a moving estimate. Leaving the piano in good hands will fetch peace of mind. 

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